Missouri Sarah Bryant

My Great Grandmother Sarah Missouri Bryant was from Jasper, Hamilton County, Florida. I'm presently looking for her parents and have been exploring DNA connections to her via mtDNA testing and the new "Family Finder" from familytreedna.com

Missouri Sarah Bryant was married twice. Once to Walter Lee Brady 1875-1938 and later in life to James A. Phillips 1885-1958.
Missouri Sarah had 4 children that I know lived.

Annie Ester Brady 1906

Frank James Brady 1909

Council Daniel Brady 1912

Juanita Melviney Brady 1920

A W.M. Brady is listed on an earlier census,but hes a mystery to me since no one in the family has any knowledge of another child.

My grandmother was Juanita Brady Sarah's last child. Juanita always told us different people were her father over the years. The only census we have with her on it, the 1935 Florida census, lists her as a Brady, she was 15 years old. By then Missouri had already married James Phillips and I dont know when they were married.

Juanita had said at different times that even though she was listed as Brady, she was really a Phillips. But then she also said her father was a man named Albritton, as she aged she would mention different names, so we were never sure.

A family member says that they had always heard her father was a traveling salesman that lived in a boarding house Missouri ran. So I don't know for sure who Juanita's father was, but I was hoping a match with a Philips,Brady or traveling salesman would help..
Here are the 1910 and 1920 U.S. federal Census's and the 1935 Florida Census and a screen shot of the Florida death Index:



Florida 1935 Census

Florida Death Index

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