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My name is William Bernard Allen and if you have received this link, you match me in the New Family Finder test at 

EDIT (I also took a test at 23andMe and recieved my results Jan 2011. Im sending this to you 23andMe folks as well)

"With our autosomal Family Finder test you may extend the power of genetic genealogy to all of your ancestors. Using a test of your own DNA, you can discover connections to descendants of all sixteen of your great-great-grandparents!"

So if we go by FTDNA's estimates, our match's should be within these generations:

 Instead of sending each of you a gedcom or an email, I thought I would create a blog posting with this information and send the link. The following 4 JPEG's are my grandparent's and their families. The surnames I am primarily interested in, along with the areas of the country they come from are listed as well.

I'm getting the feeling that most of us match further back in history than 5 generations. I have 20+ match's so far through Family Finder and have only been able to match one or two names in my line. Even those titled "close relatives" are beyond the five generations I believe. Every line I can trace back far enough is either Irish, English or German. Supposedly we have some Cherokee in us as well on my mother's side, but not proven.


Allen   Texas, Illinois

Brady   Florida,USA

Bryant   Florida,USA

Debord   Kentucky,USA

Drinnen   Illinois,USA

George   Illinois,USA

Loftus   Albany,Whiteside,Illinois,USA

Miller   Hopkins County, KY

Montague   Illinois,USA

Owens   Kentucky,USA

Phillips   Florida,USA

Platt   Illinois,USA

Rice   Cordova,Illinois,USA

Scott   Georgia,USA

Sheppard   Georgia,USA

Swartout   Illinois,USA

Tanner   Georgia,USA

Timmons   Kentucky,USA

Tompkins   Georgia,USA

Tucker   Illinois,USA

These are a little further back. I'm not 100% sure of all of these and am open to debate or suggestions.
Feel free to email me at any time.

The portion of the tree that I have the littlest information on is through my maternal side. The Tanner line has been pretty well gone over but Minnie Lee Scott's parents end abruptly. They were from the Georgia area we believe. My grandmother Juanita's father was listed as Brady, but it could have been a Philips or even a mystery man. Missouri Bryant has been questioned as well as being her mother, there has been talk of Juanita being adopted by Missouri as a young child, but I believe she is her mother. So if you match me and have family that lived in Georgia or North Florida, then this could be where we match.


Anonymous said...

None of these names are familiar to me. I know two of my lines, French-Canadian, back to the 17th century. My English grandfather I know back to about 1800. My German grandmother is still a mystery to me. I know her parents, last half of the 19th century, but that is all.

A blog is a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for inviting me to view your blog. Unfortunately, nothing matches. You have done a marvelous job of presenting your information in an easy to understand and follow format. The DNA you matched is from my father. His paternal line is Cornett and I have traced it back to Harlan Co. KY and Lee Co. VA ca. 1830. His maternal line is McInvale from AL back to GA and NC. Last known maternal ancestor was Parris from northern GA, possibly Cherokee.
Good luck in your genealogy journey.
Sherry Cornett

Jim Owston said...


I am not finding any names that match, but the locations up north or in Europe are probably more likely the connection between our lines.


Name: Cece said...

Hi Bernard,

I like what you have done here and the surnames that we share are Sullivan, Montagu,. I am not sure where whom or how. Also there may be people whom I have not discovered as yet in the tree of names. I have many blanks or just first names.