U4 mtDNA

mtDNA is passed from mother to child and females pass this on to their children. So Missouri Sarah's mtDNA is in me.


Here is an animation from smgf explaining:


So any mtDNA tests I take are essentially Missouri Sarah's and her mothers etc.. on for thousands of years. Since I am a male, I wont pass on my mtDNA. My children will get their mothers mtDNA wich is the H haplogroup.

But Juanita and her mother Sarah Missouri's haplogroup is what we are talking about here and it is haplogroup U4. So if you decend from Juanita through a female like me, then you are a u4 mtDNA. If you decend from a male like Krista or Kim, you are no less related, but don’t have the u4 mtDNA to test.
If you want to know more about u4 mtDNA go to my u4 mtDNA blog: http://u4haplogroup.blogspot.com/
Below are my and Sarah Missouri's mtDNA results:

Very boring stuff, I agree. U4 is a very Europeon haplogroup, meaning it originated in Europe. We are some of the original hunter gather's of europe and come from the Siberia region or Finland.

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