Elizabeth Claire Eaves

This post is for 23andMe matches for my wife Elizabeth Claire Eaves. Her mother was born in Germany and her maternal side is German. Her father was born in Muhlenberg County, Kentucky and is very Colonial. My name is William B Allen and I manage her account. My email address is salabencher@gmail.com . I am very interested in genealogy and DNA and am quite active on the various DNA mail lists/blogs. Feel free to email me any time.

From 23andme we have the following reports for Elizabeth:

Elizabeth's Global Similarity

Her Ancestry Finder so far

What we know of her father's genealogy

What we know of her mother's genealogy

Results from Dr McDonald

Dr. McDonald uses a higher resolution process that seems to find things that the 23andMe tool might miss.

"You test 90% Orcadian, the rest somewhere in the Mideast. The spot on the map
is in Belgium. Since there is no sign of significant recent mixing, all western Europe, but not all northern Britain, is most likely. - Doug McDonald"

Spot on the map

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