Allen Known Descendancy

George Alleyene (Allen), 1460-1540 (Staffordshire, England)

Richard Alleyene (Allen), 1490-1559

John Alleyene (Allen), 1510-1557

Richard Alleyene (Allen) I, 1550-1616 Lincoln Co.England

Richard Alleyene (Allen) II, 1573LincolnCoENG-1651Kent Co England

Richard Allen III, 1613 Canterbury, Kent England - 1690 New Kent Co. Virginia

Richard Allen IV, 1650 Kent Co. England - 1725 New Kent Co.Virginia

Robert Allen 1675VA - 1755VA

Robert Allen 1704VA-1784VA

William Carr Allen 1725 New Kent Co.. VA -1789 VA

William Carr Allen  USA Revolutionary War Vet. Listed in DAR Patriot Index

Drury Allen 1745VA-1823NC

Thomas Allen 1775VA-1858

Jeremiah Allen 1806NC-c.1880-85Bastrop Co. TX

James T. Allen 1832 Polk Co TN-1900 Wise CoTX

James T. Allen was a CSA Civil War Vet, 18th Texas Cavalry (Darnell's Regiment)

Henry Clay Allen 1857 Wise Co.TX-1946 AZ

William Louis Allen    Birth 29 May 1879 in Decatur, TX   Death 16 Oct 1966 in Mercer, Illinois, USA

James Elwood Allen   Birth 13 Jan 1927 in Mercer County, Illinois   Death 30 May 2008 in Reynolds, Rock Island, Illinois

William Bernard Allen (father)

William Bernard Allen - Me


Helen said...

It's a pity we aren't a match in HIR Search as I am also descended from Allens from Staffordshire (my great-grandmother was an Allen). Perhaps if you test with 23andMe one day we will have a match:-)

Salabencher said...

I will test there eventually Helen. Hopefully they will have a nice sale this holiday season. Of course some of this is speculation, especially when it jumps from America to England. But that's "supposed" to be the line. I should rename it, "speculative known descendancy".