Snow of 1936 Reynolds Illinois

The snows of 1936 are often reminisced among residents of Reynolds who experienced the hardships of that winter. The February storm became remembered as one of the worst blizzards in history because of the two day paralysis brought to most communities. Milk and fuel shortages were feared, people were marooned, snow plows were stalled unable to get through the crusted snows, and sub-zero gales of wind piled snow into sifting drifts for 36 hours.

Reynolds Village Board, February 1936. L.C. Davis paid the following to remove snow:

Notice the fellow in the middle "Will Allen"   3 hours shoveling………….  90 cents!  Sheesh.. 
It looks like Raymond, Will's son, Grandpa Bill's brother made a pretty good amount that day. 

A few pics from the event below

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